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Good social media starts with good planning and good content. Gathering ideas, quick sketches, key words and hashtags are an essential part of developing a meaningful and consistent brand. Develop the big idea with the Socialite notebook.

Top Notch Notebooks

We're creatives with a passion for ink on paper. We're designers, illustrators, writers - the make it happen type. Go-getters. We created a notebook that fulfilled our everyday inspirational needs. Where simplicity and elegance meets good design and function. They're not your average stacks of pulp. Say hello to Notch Books, thoughtfully bound with swagger. Get inspired. Process and progress!

Be Inspired

Browse our Notch Trade collection for notebooks designed specifically for screenwriters, storyboard artists, novelists, chefs, songwriters and producers.

We’re not selling notebooks. We’re manufacturing inspiration.  

Meet Our Standards

Standard Rule

Sometimes the simple path is the better route to proceed with. Actually, most of the time. Here we have the Standard Rule. Based on your good ol’ College ledgers. Jazz hands included. The words inside are up to you. Now go have it.


Squares at the perfect opacity. For those who like straight lines and a quick path to perfection. Here we have the Gridded notebook. For all you creatives who design inside and outside the box. Keep your margins tight my friends.

Standard Rule & Grid

The righteous mix between lines and boxes. You can have them both. Notes on the left, drawing on the right. Can’t have it any other way. For those indecisive creative types who just can’t make up their minds and seek diversity.